Helen Rose and Grandma Walking to Synagogue Rosh Hashanah, 2019

My Daughter’s Best Friend is the Best Gift

I couldn’t be happier about my daughter’s best friend

woman with stroller

Truth: Motherhood is Lonely

Truth: Motherhood is lonely

Ballet Slippers

Motherhood: Am I Doing it Right?

Motherhood: Am I doing it right?


Parenthood: Your Next Great Journey

Two years ago, when we were a parenting blogging staff of two and our children were mere babes, our Editorial Director Lindsey Silken got married. At the time, we attempted to provide some well wishes and advice on weddings and marriage. Sometime very soon, our wonderful editor, who now juggles a large blogging staff on […]


I Chose to Be Jewish. This is Why

By Tamara Reese When my family moved to Pittsburgh, my son was 10 weeks old and my husband was entering into a grueling six-year medical residency. Though we’re not Orthodox, he found us an apartment smack dab in the middle of the eruv—a ritual enclosure some Jewish communities use to allow residents to carry certain […]


The Hardest But Best Job I’ll Ever Have

There are days when my preteen son is angry with me for reasons that neither of us knows. There are days when he’s embarrassed by me because of a comment or action that I’m quite certain no one has seen. There are days when he’s ornery, gloomy, argumentative or grumpy or sometimes all of the […]


In Defense of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming, in case you haven’t stepped foot in a commercial district recently. With it comes a whole host of emotions. You can hear them in casual conversations and read about them all over the blogosphere. Today, I want to put a stake in the ground in favor. In three strokes, let me […]


An Interfaith Friendship between Two Mothers

A Review of The Book Borrower by Alice Mattison, which follows the friendship of two mothers–one Jewish, and one Christian.