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This Yom Kippur, I’m Hanging on to My Sins

This Yom Kippur, I’m hanging on to my sins as a parent


When I Panicked and a Stranger Stepped in to Help

It’s a Monday morning in the Midwood section of Brooklyn and my almost 2-year-old daughter and I have a date with my friend and her 10-month-old daughter to go to a read-along at the Brooklyn Public Library. We get downstairs with the stroller, enough snacks to feed a small army and a water bottle. Not to […]

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The Jewish Mother Thing

I remember standing with a few friends after my oldest son was born. We were talking, as new mothers do, about how hard parenting can be, how scary. We were comparing neurotic-helicopter-mom moments, laughing at ourselves. I shared a story about taking my son to the doctor when he seemed to have a fever. “His […]


Parents Who Aren’t Jewish Raising Jewish Children

Between the announcement that Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky are expecting a baby and an interfaith xoJane article about a Catholic mother choosing to raise her sons Jewish, mothers who aren’t Jewish but are raising Jewish children have been receiving positive press and gaining visibility in recent weeks—it’s about time! And well-timed too, considering we celebrated […]

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When Interfaith Meets Same-Sex, Assumptions Get Challenged

When one mother in an interfaith, lesbian couple is Jewish, should Judaism’s matrilineal descent be taken for granted?