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My Alter Ego Carried My Baby

When I was pregnant, my baby and I were working the night shift.

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How Hanukkah, Christmas and a New Baby Inspired My Children’s Book

I created the Hanukkah book I wished my family had

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Death is All Religions

Death is all religions, it is every faith and it shakes us


Mazel Tov to Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom!

A bundle of surprise! Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom, one of our favorite interfaith couples, just welcomed a baby girl. It’s their first child together. Many were surprised and didn’t realize that the couple was expecting. News of Newsom’s pregnancy was kept under wraps from the public. Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and his musician wife, Newsom, married in […]


Bringing Some Dharma to My Jewish-Catholic Household

Insomnia. It’s awful and I’ve never had it before. Until now. Part of this has to do with me getting pregnant again shortly after a miscarriage. Another part has to do with the anxiety, fear, loneliness, happiness, joy and gratitude I feel approaching motherhood for the second time. The second time is different, of course. […]


30 Miles North of Lakewood

“Thirty miles north of Lakewood” is usually what we say when we talk about where we live. Lakewood, NJ, is the largest pocket of Orthodoxy around us, and many Orthodox Jews know someone (or rarely have more than two degrees of separation from someone) who lives in Lakewood. Thirty miles north of Lakewood is a […]


Purim and My Mexican American Jewish Newborn

Purim in my neighborhood is an extravaganza. Limousines crowd the streets and rabbles of teenagers run in and out of houses dressed up as the main characters in the Purim story. A quick summary for those who are not familiar: There is Vashti, who is dethroned by the King Ahasuerus. Then Esther becomes the new […]


Our Jewish Catholic Mexican American Newborn

I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. My parents were liberals who met in the theatre where they had been professional actors. My father was a Brooklyn boy, born and raised in Crown Heights. My mother, a Baltimore native who said she always wanted to marry a Brooklyn boy, and so […]


“Belonging” as a Parent with a Jewish Son

This past weekend, our 5-month-old son was formally welcomed into our synagogue community when our family was honored with an aliyah (being called to the honor of Torah). Our rabbi offered blessings, everyone sang “Siman tov u’mazel tov” and we talked about how Sammy got his name. He is named in honor of both of […]