You’re Raising Them What? Telling Your Parents You are Raising Jewish Kids

A Protestant man describes how he and his Jewish wife prepared to tell his parents that they planned to raise Jewish kids, but they still really wanted his parents’ help in raising them.


Thanks for Giving Me Shavuot for Father’s Day

By Alex Schuh One thing I love about being in an interfaith relationship is the seemingly endless array of religious holidays and celebrations of my wife’s and kids’ religion that pop up to surprise me again and again every season. Because the Jewish holidays are keyed to the lunar calendar, plus some other mysterious (at least […]

happy kids - what does it mean to raise Jewish kids?

Supporting Our Partners: Shifting Perceptions of Raising Jewish Kids

When my husband read an early draft of this essay, he asked, ”Why doesn’t her partner have to support our daughter? After all, they agreed to raise children as Jews.” What does it mean to raise a Jewish child?