The First Hero

When I read Ruth’s story I think about how grateful I am for my dad and his commitment to my Jewish life and education


When Online Dating Went Off the Grid

When I was single, I spent a lot of time on OKCupid. But when I got Jean’s message, I’d never seen her profile before. My filter was set to see only women up to age 33. I was 37. Jean was 36. I wasn’t ageist—at least that’s what I tell myself—but I want to have […]


The Start of My Jewish Family’s Interfaith Education

Once upon a time, I was a kid growing up in North Jersey in the ‘80s, and I had a pretty clear idea of who I was and who I wanted to be. Even though I was the “token” Jewish kid in the neighborhood, I never struggled with my identity, in part to my parents’ […]

Gay Couple

Reconciliation: Embracing a Gay Interfaith Relationship

It’s hard enough for straight people to deal with a new relationship. Tack on the challenges of society’s disavowal of gay relationships, and pile on an interfaith existence, and you have the recipe for a great challenge.