Child swinging

I Want My Kids to Feel “Jewish Enough”

Anna doesn’t want her kids to struggle with feeling Jewish enough, like she did

Sha-barbecue Cilantro, Lime & Yogurt Chicken Wings

Sha-barbecue Cilantro, Lime & (Coconut) Yogurt Chicken Wings

Gang, summer is coming to an end! We need to embrace all of its delights as much as we can, including swimming and eating as much ice cream as possible, because that’s what summer’s about, right (but also yogurt chicken wings!)? I think we should also embrace the later Shabbat start times, and one of […]


Indian Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Mint Sauce

Chicken is a mainstay in most Jewish homes. We love our chicken stock (homemade or store-bought and doctored will do) for matzah ball soup. You’ll find chopped chicken livers at the holiday table because every family has those who love it among the haters. For Shabbat, a nice roasted chicken kicks off the weekend and the […]

Fish dinner

What to Eat on Lenten Shabbat

When some are observing Lent on Shabbat, what does one eat?


Fireworks Picnic Fried Chicken with Maple Dipping Sauce

In many Jewish households, Fridays are for chicken. A roasted chicken for Shabbat is as commonplace as fireworks on the Fourth of July. If you’re creating a Jewish home, or a home with a Jewish flavor, a great way to do so is by sharing a delicious Shabbat or holiday meal. I love gathering with […]


My Shabbat Welcome to Boston

One of the many lovely things about being a rabbi is you tend to know many other rabbis and when you move to a new place, inevitably you’ve probably got a few colleagues already there, happy to help you create a sense of community. I moved to the Boston area about a month ago and […]


More Shabbat in the New Year?

There are more and more projects sprouting up around the country to encourage people to have Sabbath meals or Shabbat experiences with others. In the non-Orthodox world, many people who grew up with Judaism or are exploring it as adults do not have a Shabbat practice and so it takes programs to support this new […]