We’re Interfaith: Now What Do I Tell My Sons about Dating?

A woman in an interfaith marriage who is the mother of two teenage boys struggles with what to tell them about marrying outside the faith.

Boys with chocolate on their faces

The Jewish Mother Thing

I remember standing with a few friends after my oldest son was born. We were talking, as new mothers do, about how hard parenting can be, how scary. We were comparing neurotic-helicopter-mom moments, laughing at ourselves. I shared a story about taking my son to the doctor when he seemed to have a fever. “His […]


No Good Reason

This week’s Torah portion (parasha) contains one of only two narratives in the entire book of Leviticus — the rest of Leviticus is made up of laws, rules, and instructions. The story this week is of the death of two of Aaron’s sons, Nadav and Avihu, and appears at the beginning of chapter 10 and […]