Child with question marks

How Will We Answer Their More-Than-Four Questions?

They’ll have more than four questions. How will we answer them?

Hebrew letter

Is it Time to Leave Our Orthodox Neighborhood?

Are we outgrowing the neighborhood I grew up in?

Helen opening a door

We Aren’t as Different as My Neighbors Think

Why my American-Jewish-Mexican-Catholic family confuses our neighbors

Anna and her daughter

I Was the Loca Lady at My Baby’s Naming

I never thought I would be the crazy lady in synagogue. But here we are


Helen Turns 2 in English, Spanish and Hebrew

I can’t believe my first baby girl is already 2! In the beginning of this journey into parenthood I can remember the wise women of the synagogue next door to our apartment shouting, “Enjoy this time! It goes so fast,” as Adrian and I whisked Helen off to the park, to doctor’s appointments, to family […]


When I Panicked and a Stranger Stepped in to Help

It’s a Monday morning in the Midwood section of Brooklyn and my almost 2-year-old daughter and I have a date with my friend and her 10-month-old daughter to go to a read-along at the Brooklyn Public Library. We get downstairs with the stroller, enough snacks to feed a small army and a water bottle. Not to […]


Advice from the Other Side: How We Planned Our Jewish, Catholic, Spanish Wedding

By Sarah Martinez Roth Photos by Celia D. Luna Weddings How We Met Growing up Catholic, I knew I wanted to marry a man of faith; however, when I met Jonathan, I realized maybe things were not so black and white, and maybe faith in God was what I was searching for. Jonathan and I met […]


How Jewish Am I?

By Nicole Rodriguez I am Jewish. I identify as being Jewish. Well, actually, I identify as being Jew-ish. I was born Jewish, but was raised in a non-observant home. No synagogue, no bat mitzvah and no serious Jewish boyfriend (yet?) to help me learn about Judaism and Jewish culture. We did have the occasional tradition […]


The Word They’ll Learn the Best

First words. What was my own first word? Probably “Mama,” though now my mother doesn’t remember. She does remember my brother’s first word, which was “arrow.” This is because she was constantly driving around the block with him in his car seat trying to put him to sleep. He would see the arrow on the […]


Community Comes Together for Baby’s 1st (Interfaith) Passover

A funny thing happened when I had a baby. People in my neighborhood whom I had never spoken to started speaking to me. They had seen me walking around Brooklyn since I myself was a baby. They had spotted me on my bicycle, buying candy and I’m sure some had seen me in my various […]