Generations of women

What Does My Jewish Community Say About Women?

On Simchat Torah, Anna questions, “How do we celebrate women in the Jewish faith?”

Kristin reading from the Torah

How I Came to Embrace My Important Role in Judaism

Why my role as a Japanese American convert to Judaism is invaluable

Anna's daughters together

What’s in a Name

The second time around is totally different…from tacos to the name

Boy and Girl in a side embrace

How Two Faiths Collide

When my daughters question how Jewish or how Catholic they are, I can only hope that they meet a Spencer


The Unraveling of Tradition

This year’s Rosh Hashanah became the beginning of a challenging New Year. Approaching the middle of my third trimester with a two-year-old at home I refused to cook. I spent the Wednesday afternoon before the festivities with my feet up while blowing bubbles for my daughter. There was only one small tantrum that occurred in […]


Quincineara Barbie

It’s been two weeks of vacation for my family in upstate New York. Nothing but fun, sun, relaxing walks by the lake, fishing and Quinceañera Barbie. Wait…what!? Here’s how Quinceañera Barbie came into my life. My daughter Helen Rose is American, Mexican, Jewish and Catholic. The question from my Jewish-American side of the family is […]


Breaking the Dating Rules

By Nataliya Naydorf “I don’t think being with someone who isn’t Jewish compromises my Judaism.” I said to my fiancé on our first date. “As long as my partner is open, tolerant and willing to learn about my traditions, I can’t say it would be a huge issue.” He had asked me whether I was OK with dating someone who […]


This Hindu-Jewish Couple Celebrated with Two Beautiful Weddings

See how one couple celebrated with a Jewish wedding and a Hindu wedding


Coming Full Circle

A personal narrative of a woman who researches Judaism before agreeing to raise her child Jewish and then decides to convert herself.


Everywhere You Go There’s Always Someone or Something Jewish

A week before Thanksgiving, I stood in the doorway of a building on Skulagata, a street in Reykjavik, Iceland, with my husband and son looking out at the North Atlantic and trying to find shelter from the blustery wind that was making the 30-degree evening feel much colder. We were waiting for our tour guide […]