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Jewish Clergy Referral Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions  You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Learn more about InterfaithFamily’s Jewish Clergy Referral Service here.  How does it work?  Here’s a quick look at how the Jewish Clergy Referral Service works:  The first step is to fill out our Jewish clergy request form. It helps if you fill it out completely […]

Elle and James

Our Big Day Was Perfectly Us

Our wedding day was so US, just as it should be

Becky and Femi

Why We’re Jumping the Broom

Why adding a jump broom to our ceremony is so meaningful

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein officiates a wedding

Rabbi Marc’s Top 5 Tips for Engaged Interfaith Couples

Top 5 tips for engaged couples. This rabbi’s seen it all

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A Ceremony That’s All Us

Making your ceremony unique to you will make it a night to remember


Two Traditions United for a Perfect Wedding Weekend

A few weeks ago, I posted some pictures from our honeymoon along with an account of my first Yom Kippur fasting with my new husband. But, you may ask, how was the wedding? It was the event I’ve been planning and dreaming about for the past year-and-a-half that has taken my sweat and tears (thankfully no […]


The Ketubah/Marriage Contract

What is a Ketubah? A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. In ancient times, a ketubah was a legally binding document, written in Aramaic (the vernacular of the time), describing a groom’s “acquiring” of a bride, and stating the amount that the groom would have to pay the bride in case of a divorce. There’s […]


How We Planned Our Inclusive, Co-Officiated Wedding Ceremony

By Emily Baseman Our interfaith ceremony was the best and most meaningful part of our wedding day. It was really important to my husband, Brandon, and me that the ceremony be both very personal to us as a couple and truly interfaith. This meant we looked at wedding traditions from both Christianity and Judaism, and […]


Who Will Marry Us?

You have chosen the date, the place, the guest list. But who will officiate at your ceremony? A family member? Friend? Clergy person? Justice of the peace? A celebrant? Asking friends or relatives to officiate at wedding ceremonies is a relatively recent phenomenon with numbers rising in just the last decade with the advent of […]


Top 7 Reasons Why Co-Officiating Weddings is a Joy of My Rabbinate

There are many reasons I enjoy co-officiating weddings. Here are some of the important ones. 1.  Partnership: Working with clergy of other faiths is extremely rewarding. Through planning the wedding, I have the opportunity to build a relationship with a clergy person of another faith and this enables me to teach about Judaism and to learn […]