Helen opening a door

We Aren’t as Different as My Neighbors Think

Why my American-Jewish-Mexican-Catholic family confuses our neighbors

Boy and Girl in a side embrace

How Two Faiths Collide

When my daughters question how Jewish or how Catholic they are, I can only hope that they meet a Spencer


Ritual Wedding Objects and Garments

Every religion and culture has its unique ritual objects and garments that are part of wedding ceremonies. When planning for your Jewish interfaith wedding you will want to consider which to include. You may choose to include ritual objects and garments from multiple traditions or just Jewish ones. We will explain some of the Jewish ones here. […]


Jewish Mourning: A Lesson for My Newborn

When I was 8 years old I had a good friend who lived around the corner from me. His name was Nachshon. We took the same school bus to school and at the Orthodox Yeshiva we attended we were in the same class. I went to his house often after school to play video games […]


What To Expect At A Synagogue – Video

A video explaining the ritual items, layout and features of a synagogue, preparing you for your first visit.


Does Half Count?

The personal narrative of a man who was raised with immense knowledge of the Holocaust, where much of his father?s family had perished, and faced much anti-Semitism, despite the fact that he was not truly a Jew.